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Koch Roofing has always prided itself on being a master of one trade, ROOFING!
A lot of people don’t know it, but gutters are part of your roofing system. If you research our company, you have seen that gutters and roofing have been part of our company for over 50 years! The proper application of gutters to your Roofing System is extremely important.


Improper installation of gutters is the number one reason for roof rot along the eaves of your home. Some reasons for this are the gutters are not properly set behind the drip edge for drainage, or when the application of the gutters are installed so high under the eave metal that it creates a ponding of water on the edges of your roof causing damage such as extensive wood rot due to consistent water penetration that is rarely discovered until a new roof is installed.

Here at Koch roofing we pride ourselves on doing it right! If you would like a price on gutters along with your roof, or you just want gutters on your existing roof, give us a call.
Always remember, we have no salesmen to tell you that you need something if you don’t, and who better to put gutters on your home then a roofing company that has done it as a family tradition for over 50 years!

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